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Continuous Improvement Manager bij What's Cooking

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11 maart 2024
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Jeroen Kramer Continuous Improvement Manager bij What's Cooking

Lean is not about implementing tools, but its about the people and their journey to change!

Lean principles, tools and improvements techniques should not be used as a set of paradigm, but as a guideline to change your way of working. Radical and sustainable process improvement, wether you call it lean or not, is not a question of following a fixed set of rules but guiding people to see, help them to improve the proces and visualise the results.

Introducing and implementing the lean philosophy, in a basic and "down-to-earth" way, with small, recognizable and clear steps.
Develop and use a vision as a guideline to change the way of working.
Work with the people, help and guide them to improve their own proces; in a way real improvement is realised, at a pace they can cope with. On the other hand, challenge to cross boundaries and do things in an other way.

Who am I?
I'm an expert on lean manufacturing and production systems, with broad experience in project and change management. I have also experience in implementing ISO-based systems on Quality, Health & Safety and Enviroment.

I am characterized as an integer, driven, pro-active and purposeful person with a great sense of responsibility. I am very analytical, strategic, flexible and process-oriented. This is combined with the fact that I am an positive critical "out of the box" thinker.
Also I'm an hands on, smart, technically and people oriented person. Capable to observe, understand & communicate, and from this to act, improve & achieve.

I'm open to new assignments or partnerships in lean processimprovement and problem solving.

Proces improvement, Lean change management, Project management, Problem solving, Coaching & training management and workforce, Six-Sigma, application of lean tools like 5S, SMED,..


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