Gerben Otten

Operations Manager at Chrysal International BV

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11 maart 2024
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Gerben Otten Operations Manager at Chrysal International BV

Developed strong leadership skills in the various roles performed; accountable for daily and long term result, continuous motivation and encouraging of employees, building and supporting operational teams, being approachable and constructive at all times. In multidisciplinary issues showing tactfulness, tolerance and maintaining a high level of diplomacy without losing focus of business goals.
Overall responsibility of an operational department or a project is managed by a result orientated and problem solving approach. Personal skills of having a logical, accurate, analytical way of working combined with quick thinking, being consistent and performing in the natural role as a decision-maker, gives me the opportunity to be successful in working under pressure. By being target driven, well organised, and able to prioritise, working with deadlines and achieving goals gives me motivation and enthusiasm.
Team work and working with teams has been one of the key features in all the fulfilled roles, emphasising on organising, delegating, facilitating and delivering to various extents in each role (e.g. achieving maturity of tasking of team members). Each role was fulfilled with commitment, dedication, reliability and a drive for maximum result.


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