Alderik Reitsma

General Manager Business Excellence bij Tata Steel

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19 juni 2024
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Alderik Reitsma General Manager Business Excellence bij Tata Steel

I have over 20 years of experience in Operations Excellence and Continuous Improvement of which 10 years in telecom and over 10 years in steel manufacturing. Currently, I work as General Manager Business Excellence at Tata Steel Netherlands, where I lead a cross-functional team of twenty-five; driving excellence, enable sustainable success.

Previously, I worked at Ben (startup) / T-Mobile in Marketing Intelligence improving products and services for our customers by using advanced analytics, market research and geomarketing. I introduced the campaign factory, resulting in reduced churn rates and improved customer loyalty. 
Improved customer experience in customer service, billing and network services and increased operational efficiency in operations in different quality management roles.

I have a proven track record developing and implementing Quality Management, Reorganisation, Strategic and Operational Excellence programs adding value across multiple sites and handled the day-to-day operations of a business as operation manager.

If you catch me outside of work, I'm often enjoying do-it-yourself projects and I am an avid lover of hiking.


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