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E-Book : Implementing a digital manufacturing platform

a 5-step approach

This intuitive roadmap describes the process of implementing a connect worker/digital manufacturing platform in your factories. It consists of five successive steps, starting at a preliminary planning phase and ending up at the point at which the integrated platform can start contributing to a factory’s improvement efforts.

The steps are based on several years of experience in implementing our own digital manufacturing platform in large-scale manufacturing operations. We believe they form the most effective and intuitive path a manufacturer can take toward successfully integrating the platform of their choice.

Key takeaways

  • Make sure the purpose of the new platform is crystal clear
  • Start small with a trial, then carefully plan your expansion strategy
  • Commitment from factory leadership is key to success
  • Actively stimulate workers to use the new platform (e.g. through gamification)
  • Ensure you make optimal use of the platform (let your platform provider tell you how)


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