Learnstruments for competencies development in Industry 4.0

  • Webinar
  • 15 september 2022 - Event van HAN
    • Locatie Online via Microsoft Teams
    • Begintijd 15:30
    • Eindtijd 17:00
    • Inschrijven tot 15 september 2022
    • Max. 20
    • Plekken vrij 15/20

Learnstruments for competencies development in Industry 4.0

In this webinar, we will discuss the competencies that need to be developed to successfully apply Industry 4.0 concepts within different organizations.  Specifically, we will look at the role that gamification and the use of the Industry 4.0 Board Game can play in this process. 

We will start the webinar with an explanation of the most important Industry 4.0 terminology. Afterwards, we dive into the challenges we face while implementing these technologies. We will look at the required technology readiness of an organization and whether it is ready to implement new technologies. Finally, we will discuss the use of gamification, especially the 'Industry 4.0 Board Game' to develop competencies for implementing Industry 4.0.

Participants of the webinar will learn about essential Industry 4.0 technologies, the competencies needed for implementing these technologies and the use of gamification to develop these competencies. They will also be able to decide whether the 'Industry 4.0 Board Game' is of interest to their organizations and whether it is interesting to participate in the workshop to experience the game. 

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